Early Jacker is one of the heteronyms of Hugo Caldeira Vinagre also known by Miguel Torga.

A Portuguese-American living in Lisbon for 6 years. Hugo was born in 1987 in the state of Michigan, son of a Portuguese mother and a New Yorker father. Although he was born in the town of Warren, he always told everyone who was born in Detroit. “For the sake of convenience,” he says. “No one knows where Warren is.” He has had several professions to date. He was a woodcutter, fisherman, taxi driver and even a gravedigger.

The passion for music is quite recent and happened by chance. Three years ago, Hugo was sweeping trees with his ax in a wood near Cabeço de Vide in Portugal, when he ran into a circus tent. It was an electronic music festival sponsored by a new brand of beer. He entered, danced, and did not like it. However, when he left, he took a ride with a group of young teenagers who explained the whole history of electronic music. He was lucky.