Montemor-o-Velho is a magical site offering playful and powerful visions, making it the perfect location for you to share in our epic vision of electronic music and arts.

Visiting Montemor -O-Velho is like stepping back in time, finding yourself in the magnificent ruins of an ancient castle deep in the beautiful heartland of Portugal, surrounded by tropical plantation a million miles away from the modern world. Year after year we dream bigger and bolder, we are continually blown away by the intimate surroundings and warmth we feel from the local community, making new discoveries and friendships as the festival grows.

Festival Forte inspires the artists that attend as much as the audience, with artists developing performances and installations that would not be possible anywhere else, and themselves spending the three days socialising and enjoying the event as much as the audience.
Festival Forte is a place where you can take it easy and put your life on hold.

Sit within the lush gardens surrounded by visual installations. Catch new art works from international stars within the chapel, or in the glasshouse gallery.

Stroll down to the campsite and catch some peaceful vibes before letting loose to your favourite artist on the main stage.

Spend the weekend discovering live audiovisual acts that we guarantee will expand all your senses.

Take a few hours out by strolling along the ancient streets of Montemor -O-Velho, visit the local cafes or the beach nearby.

Before Festival Forte, we felt the festival circuit had become too commercial and we wanted to create something more intimate, whilst sharing our appreciation and respect for early synthesised electronic music, techno music and the world of generative arts and digital performance.


22, 23, 24 & 25  AUGUST 2019