The Festival Forte campsite is always a highlight of the festival and this year our incredible crew are intent on providing you with unforgettable experiences day and night, filled with warm feelings, good food, audio visual entertainment and relaxing vibes.

Cool and spacious, shaded by the canopy of the trees, there is plenty of space for you to lounge comfortably in, put up your tent and add personality to your camp.

A beautiful environment set in cool shaded surroundings, complete with Interactive art installations made from local recycled materials, fresh, alternative electronica, delicious food, delightful drinks and sumptuous snacks.

The site is host to many intimate chill out areas to socialise in or take time out from and enjoy the festival activities from afar.

Our catering crew will be on hand to provide you with hot and cold drinks and tasty food and there will be DJs on rotation throughout the day to soothe your ears with eclectic sets.

Don't want to bring camping gear? Pick your solution here


Sleep in comfort and style right in the heart of the action

From 88 eur p/ person

The Nomad Pop Up Hotel

For the 4th time The Nomad Pop-Up Hotel will be offering it’s glamping services with a private site featuring beautiful creamy canvas bell tents, in the heart of the festival.
Allowing guests to sleep close to the action in comfort, privacy and peace, whilst having exclusive access to additional boutique services.
The Nomad Pop-Up Hotel camp is located in a special area at the Festival Forte campsite

Why not spoil yourself with a unique glamping experience filled with comfort and style?

Nomad Glamping Rooms

– Superior room (Capacity up to 4 guests):
The Superior Pack glamping room not only astonishes because of its furniture but also its careful attention to details and includes everything to fully enjoy a luxurious glamping experience.
– Standard room (Capacity up to 4 guests):
The Standard Pack is the perfect kind of room to enjoy a exclusive glamping stay at The Nomad Pop-Up Hotel.
– Basic room (Capacity up to 5 guests):
The Basic Pack glamping rooms come fully unfurnished, with enough room for up to five people to sleep comfortably without beds.

Accommodation features

– Your Nomad Pop-Up Hotel glamorous tent will be set up and ready when you arrive at the campsite
– Festival Forte 2019 Welcome Pack
– The Nomad Pop-Up Hotel exclusive shower & toilet area
– 24h security and reception with staff available to assist you
– Pampering tent with mirrors and dressing table
– Shaded lounge area & chill out
– Cellphone charging station
– The Nomad Pop-Up Hotel access wristbands


Cheap and efficient solution for campers who do not want to bring gear

From 35 eur p/person

Kartent Villa

In partnership with Kartent you can now book a comfortable and sustainable cardboard tent, which is insulated and waterproof. Different from other tents, kartent tents stay nice and dark in the morning, so you can sleep through your festival hangover without being bothered by the morning light and charge your energy to fully party again the next day! Or let your creative self go crazy, on your own personal cardboard canvas.
The Kartent camp is located in a special area at the Festival Forte campsite

As a kid you always wanted to sleep in the cardboard box, right? Well this is your chance!

Kartent type

In what type of cardboard palaces can I sleep?

– Basic (for 1/2 persons):
The KarTent is big enough to accommodate two people and luggage. They are 2,35m long and 1,4m width, enough room to spoon!
– Kartent XL (for 2/3/4 persons):
The KarTent XL is the big brother of the KarTent. With plenty of space and entirely made of cardboard, this is a true palace for your festival weekend!

To maximize your comfort, you can also order accessories such as comfy mattresses and sleeping bags. Just need to bring your toothbrush!

Accommodation features

– Your Kartent will be set up and ready when you arrive at the campsite
Insulated. The cardboard material blocks the sunlight, and maintains a comfortable temperature inside. 
Waterproof. The unique design makes the KarTent extremely tough and waterproof
Bring out your artistic self! The KarTent is a gigantic canvas! Campers can get creative on their KarTent. Nothing is too crazy, the only limitation is your imagination!
Eco-Friendly: In the end of it’s life, the KarTent will be fully recycled!


There are sufficient showers spaces so you won’t have to wait for your morning moment of relaxation and creature comforts.

There is special parking for those that want to bring their caravans.

You can bring your own food and drinks.

Around 400 meters away. There will also be an escalator from the town up to the castle.

Festival Forte campsite will be open the day before the festival starts (August 21th 2019) and closes the day after (August 26th 2019)