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Festival Innovators: 5 pioneers to watch

Held in the castle of Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal (yes, we said castle), Festival Forte is the ultimate escape for music and art lovers. Beyond world-class DJs, attendees will also find immersive visual installations and audiovisual acts abound, making the festival experience a truly unforgettable one.

the empire line

Festival Forte anuncia segunda vaga de confirmações

Impossível não destacar a estreia do trio de techno industrial mais impetuoso de agora, The Empire Line. Incialmente composto por Christian Stadsgaard e Jonas Rönnberg, o então duo extendeu-se a mais um membro, Isak Hansen, que auxilia na componente vocal.

the partae

Festival Forte unveils new additions to its 2019 line up

Festival Forte is back for its 6th installment this. Merging past perspectives with futuristic innovation, the festival is an unbridled celebration of both electronic music and the visual arts

ra advisor

Festival Forte adds Luke Slater, The Lotus Eaters for 2019

The Portuguese techno event, which revealed its first names in January, has also locked in the likes of Voiski, The Empire Line and Jonas Kopp

norbak sure thing mix

Sure Thing Mix 74: Nørbak

From Portugal's Nørbak, an intensely personal collection of ambient works from himself and others. A ritual of texture and mood which tenses like heartstring and burns like slow flame.

amulador alinea a

Amulador djset@ Alinea A (May 20, 2019)

Always circumspect, Amulador activates the mechanism and dives into the unknown. Listen to his dj set celebrating 6 years of Alinea A

luke slater burial

Listen to Burial remix Luke Slater’s 1997 track ‘Love’

“Originally I hooked up with Burial over tea and cake in a cafe in London and we talked about quite a few things. I knew he was a fan of the track ‘Love’ and he was really up for doing a remix.”

jonas kopp vice versa

New mix: Jonas Koop @ Self Titled (May ’19)

“This mix is an extension of my current state of mind, my deepest sound message for all of you. The idea is to create a frequency trip, so the audience may have a deep “inner experience” while listening to it."

sleeparchive tresor

Sleeparchive – Frost

With the ''Revised Recordings EP”, Sleeparchive continues to research and master the dense constructed rhythmic textures that have become his signature sound.


Artefakt remixed by Forest Drive West and Polar Inertia

Forest Drive West flips 'The Fifth Planet' into eight broody minutes of involving drum programming and groaning synth drones and Polar Inertia remixes 'Tapeloop' into a cavernous world of smoky dub techno.

Surgeon Hardware Live at Festival Forte, Portugal on 31st August 2018

Recording of Surgeon Live Set made using modular synthesizers and hardware machines

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