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The general admission is on sale in limited quantities for 120 € online

Daily tickets are on sale online in limited quantities for 60 €

You can purchase tickets on Sonicgoods and SeeTickets

We will send a pdf file with the ticket to your mailbox

Cancellations can’t be done but you can always sell your ticket, easily, at TICKETSWAP

The village of Montemor-o-Velho includes a spacious camping site at walking distance from all the action and available exclusively to owners of tickets for FESTIVAL FORTE

Every day for general tickets and one day for daily tickets. You must have a valid Festival Ticket / Wristband to enter the campsite

Minors under 16 years of age will not be admitted. Photographic ID might be required at the gain entry (Current Passport/CitizenCard/A National identity card). Photocopies are not accepted.


Montemor-o-Velho is located between Lisbon and Porto. About 200 km away from Lisbon and 120 km from Porto.

Montemor-o-Velho Portugal // GPS: 40°10’22.7″N 8°40’58.9″W


1. Festival Forte will be a cashless event with RFID cards being the main form of payment. Visitors are required to use designated payment that are made available by SN Culture Unipessoal Lda. in order to pay for refreshments during the Event. Visitors can only use the RFID card to pay for food and drink and merchandise and other products during the Event at the Event Location that are offered by the caterers, merchandise and market sellers designated by the Promoter.

2. The address of Festival Forte  is: Castelo de Montemor-o-Velho, 2140-264 Montemor-o-Velho
The address of SN Culture Unipessoal Lda. : Rua Coronel António Eliseu, 13, 2035-443 São João do Campo, Portugal.

3. RFID cards are obtained at check-in in exchange of a ticket or when purchasing one at the box office.

4. To purchase goods, credits will need to be topped up to the RFID card at the Top up station onsite or online via, 1 credit = 1 eur.

5. The RFID cards can be purchased at the top up registers at the Event Location and can be recharged at a Top up station for this purpose by means of a bank card or credit card and cash, The Payment Instruments can hold a maximum balance of €300.

6. The balance on the RFID card that is not used can only be refunded until 2 hours after the closing of the last day of the event at designated Topup Stations.

8. The balance on the RFID cards is only valid when used.

9. An RFID card is valid for the duration of the event.

10. RFID cards can be customized and credits added to in before the event, this is possible by creating a profile and adding the unique ticket ID present on the presale entrance ticket.

11. Visitors who have been provided with a RFID card by the Promoter are required to prevent abuse or use of the RFID card by third parties. In the event of loss or theft, the risk of use or abuse between the moment when control of the RFID card is lost and the moment the RFID card is blocked will be exclusively on the account of the visitor. The Promoter is not liable for any damage resulting from the loss or theft an RFID card.

12. It may be necessary, in the case of disruptions, maintenance work and/or security measures, that the Promoter stops or limits the use of the RFID card. The Promoter is not liable for the consequences there of.

13. The Promoter is liable for any product which will be paid with RFID card (in the first instance at least).

Yes, to climb up to the castle there are ramps but it’s easier if you go by car. The entrance path as a corridor for disabled people that Forte has helped build. For directions speak to any of our people.

Due to the limited capacity of the castle, attendance is limited to 5000 spectators per day.

Around 400 meters away. There will also be an escalator from the town up to the castle.

Festival Forte campsite will be open the day before the festival starts (August 21th 2019) and closes the day after (August 26th 2019)

It is completely forbidden to make a fire. Please be careful while lightning or putting out your cigarettes.

Yes. You can bring all your food and drinks into the campsite. You’re not allowed to bring your own drinks into the Festival Site.

YES. There are places to refill bottles on site. It´s also a festival policy to sell water at a very fair price. A bottle of water costs 1 euro at the bar.

Inside the castle only guide dogs  for people with visual disabilities are allowed. These rules were not established by Festival Forte.The entity that manages the monument does not permit dogs inside.

You can find good pet hotels nearby:

A festival with loud music is not a good environment for your dog. Be aware that we use loud music and it can damage your dog: animals hear noises twice as high as we do.

No professional photo/film/video/audio equipment is allowed. You can bring your standard digital camera.

The Festival starts Thursday (August 22th) and it ends Sunday (August 26th) . On the 22th you can arrive whenever you want, the camping site will be open. You can arrive early so you have time to settle and prepare for the first night. The camping closes the day after the Festival ends.

Yes. There will be stands selling tobacco at the Festival Site.


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Festival Forte is not, at the moment, admitting voluntary work.

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22, 23, 24 & 25 AUGUST 2019