SOUNDCLOUD | Jun 6,2018 | EN

Release date: 22nd of June 2018 (vinyl & digital format)

A1. Electric Shades
A2. Out Of Sight
A3. Echo
B1. The Voyage
B2. Chasing Shadows
B3. Violet Dust
C1. The Cycle
C2. Signal Trace
C3. Drone
D1. Triad
D2. Extension
D3. Dying Asteroid

Oscar Mulero’s contribution to the Token catalogue goes all the way back to 2008. The ferocious Take Seven EP was the start of a longstanding partnership between the label and artist. Between this first release and the more recent Suborbital Trajectories EP, Mulero also provided Token with 2 releases as Spherical Coordinates, producing sophisticated big room and bleep tracks.
Through his lengthy and prolific career, Mulero has not contented himself with producing dancefloor tools alone. The full-length Perfect Peace, released in March this year on Semantica, demonstrates this well, with Autechre and Aphex-flecked IDM and electronica sounds dominating the work.

The new Electric Shades EP also has elements of this extra depth. The record opens and closes with sci-fi theatrics: Electric Shades throbs and pulses under eerie space atmospherics, while Dying Asteroid sonically details the demise of a small celestial body in clinical detail. But this record also operates with the solid functionality of Mulero’s earlier work. The Voyage is agitated and bleepy, while heavy roller Signal Trace plays deeper with similar themes. Triad and Extension too are weighty highlights, affording the record plenty of utilitarian benefit for DJs and home listening enthusiasts alike.