ORBMAG | March 17,2018 | EN

Robert Henke’s captivating ability to intersect multiple grounds in one place.

The iconic Robert Henke and his abilities to surprise his audience with innovative creations are still ongoing since the late ‘80s. Henke was born in 1969 in the city of Munich and is better known as a composer, installation artist and software developer now based in Berlin. His contributions to contemporary electronic music and his laser installations are an essential part of his work. However, Henke’s interests go beyond. His engineering capacities and admiration of technical objects led to the creation of numerous works renowned worldwide.

Recognised for the development of his own instruments, Henke’s artistic works were simultaneously supported by his engineering background. He transformed electronic music production and performance utilising algorithms that he built up himself. Induced by the beauty of science, Robert Henke’s sounds incorporate exceptional rhythm and colour.

With the fall of the Berlin wall and the emergence of the new electronic music culture during that time, in 1995 Robert Henke together with Gerhard Behles founded his musical project Monolake. Since 1999, Monolake project continues solo by Henke, occasionally in collaboration with other audio-visual composers’ contributions.