FACT MAGAZINE | April 9,2018 | EN

Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Anastasia Kristensen throws down an unrelenting mix of warehouse-ready techno and crate digger’s gems.

Anastasia Kristensen has had a decidedly busy few years. Touring relentlessly and performing everywhere from London’s Fabric to Berlin’s Berghain and beyond, Kristensen has built up a name for herself playing pounding warehouse-ready techno with a level of nuance that’s too often forgotten.

Despite growing up in Moscow, Kristensen is based in Copenhagen and is a regular at the city’s Culture Box, Denmark’s most prominent focal point for club music. She’s notorious for peppering her sets with crate digger’s gems as well as unreleased bangers sourced from a wide landscape of up-and-coming producers. “I spend way more time bugging people on SoundCloud to send me stuff than just going to Hard Wax’s top 20 tracks,” she told FACT’s Scott Wilson last year.