WIDE FUTURE | May 26,2018 | EN

Festival Forte is back for its 5th edition that it will take place from August 30th until September 2th 2018 in the Castle of Montemor-O-Velho in Portugal. A new culture has created, defining a very restricted audience which are very dedicated and interested in what the Festival has to offer, so Forte has extended the festival to the camping site and the Theater.

Drew McDowall, who was a ex-member of Coil in the nineties, that produced álbuns like “Time Machinesand Musick” and “Play In The Dark” will collaborate with the visual artist Florence To, known by its characteristic sound and light, essentially inspired by architectural design.

Together will present “Time Machine 2018 Live A/V”, for the first time, and you will watch a mix of textures and percussions defined by Drew’s musical hardware, in collaboration with Florence To visuals, which will create a way to hipnotize the audience.

Theater lineup has also some news which will have 3 shows one for each day. It all starts with !…!Art.Attack!…! and HH Art Spaces that will present their most recent collaboration “Relaxation Oscillator”, that invites the audience to a mix between visual arts and sounds that will provide a hipnotic state to the audience. In the second day, José Macabra will bring us various influences since industrial to darker sounds, which is good to say that he’s going to invites us to the dark side. Finally the third day, Rotten Sun, will present “The Art Of Mirrors”, a new performance in collaboration with Mia Zabelka, Kira O’Reilly, Tina Frankie and Lee Adams, that will be an improvisation between four artists that never worked together before.

There are also news about artists that will play at the camping site. The Berlin duo, Local Suicide, as answered the invite after launching music in labels such as HFN, My Favorite Robot, Multi Culti, among others, will show us what they are capable of since they’re hosting events and touring around the world since 2007.

A big representant of the Portuguese electronic scene is Caroline Lethô, based in Lisboa which will stand out while playing high quality music with various genres.

The general admissions Tickets are now available at 100€ and 105€ at physical stores. The general admissions will have access to the camping site. The daily tickets are available at 40€ at Sonicgoods until the end of May, and then between 50€ and 55€ in all platforms since June 1st.