WIDE FUTURE | April 27,2018 | EN

The charismatic Festival Forte will return this summer to Montemor-o-Velho, right in the heartland of Portugal!

The Festival Forte takes you back in time, filling the athmosphere with the magic of the synthesised and techno sounds, while you enjoy the magnificent cenario of an old portuguese castle. This is set out to be the perfect timig to let your imagination and creatitivy flow and sorround yourself with people that are truly embracing the ultimate experience that electronic music can offer.

And there are some new confirmations to fill a luxourious line-up: Adam X, Alva Noto, Enkō, Marum, Planetary Assault Systems, Robert Lippok and ShlØmo.

Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto is one perfect exemple of how you can combine art with music experience and at Festival Forte he will be showcasing is new show, an imersive experience that reflects in full spirit the Forte vision. Together as Planetary Assault Systems, Luke Slater and Jaygo Bloom will bring an exclusive audiovisual performance with a very special setup that you can’t miss as it will be their only together performance this year!

To finish up, the portuguese Enkō and Marum will stole the show as this year’s edition promises to be one the biggest yet! This names join the already confirmed Anastasia Kristensen, I Hate Models, Oscar Mulero, Stanislav Tolkachev, among others!

Let yourself be hypnotized and amazed by some of the most emblematic beats while you enjoy the exquisite cenario where the festival take place!