LOCAL SUICIDE | February 14th 2018 | English

Who doesn’t love festivals? It feels like everyone around us has already started planning what festivals they are going to visit this summer. Many festivals are indeed fun, but nothing more. But what if we told you that there is a different festival. A festival where everything matters and is taken care of. Your eyes, your ears, your bodies, the environment. A very high quality festival: Festival Forte. The carefully selected live acts and djs, the captivating visuals and lights, the magical location: a castle, that has been considered national monument since 1910 and that is older than Portugal’s nationality (1139) according to wiki, the good drinks, the friendly international and mixed crowd of all ages, no long waiting lines, the amazing surrounding that allows you to combine the festival with a little holiday, the interactive art all over the castle and so many other factors make it an unforgettable experience.

The first wave of acts has been announced today and it is as expected spectacular, from some of our most favorite artists The Hacker, Lena Willekens, Blush Response and Helena Hauff to other highly respected or upandcoming players of the scene:

Anastasia Kristensen [Monasterio], Antigone x Francois X, Monolake [50 Weapons], Blush Response [Sonic Groove], Donato Dozzy [Stroboscopic Artefacts], Electric Indigo [Ostgut Ton], Extrawelt [Cocoon Recordings], Function [Infrastructure NY], Helena Hauff [Ninja Tune], I Hate Models [Khemia Records], Lena Willikens [Dekmantel], Mumdance [Different Circles], Neel [Prologue], Oscar Mulero [Pole Group], Pantha Du Prince ft. Bendik HK A/V Show [Rough Trade], Stanislav Tolkachev [Semantica], Surgeon [Dynamic Tension], Svreca [Semantica Records], The Hacker [Dark Entries] and Umwelt [Shipwrec / DSC].

We attended the festival’s second edition three years ago and became hooked. Visited again the third year and the fourth year. And, you have guessed correctly, there is no way on this earth we will be missing the fifth year. You shouldn’t either! Get your tickets for 80€ and other goodies here!

Practical info: You can fly either to Lisbon or Porto and get a train from there. The castle is somewhere in the middle. You could stay for free at the camping site at Montemor O Vehlo or at a hotel by the beach at closeby Figuiera Da Foz. There are buses doing the route and cheap taxis as well. UNESCO protected Coimbra is not far either! Packages with accommodation + ticket are also offered.