Textural and rhythmical music for a standing and potentially dancing audience in a dark space, surrounded by loudspeakers. No visual component, just massive moving wall of structured sound.

Monolake Live Surround is the result of performing electronic dance music since 1995. It is also the result of using the software which was born out of this experience, Ableton Live.
The performance is a pairing of the legacy of early Berlin Techno, with an abundance of influences ranging from academic computer music to UK dubstep, from classical minimal music to drone and noise.

It is presented as a multiple channel surround sound experience, which Monolake is pioneering since its beginnings, and which did include versions for wave field synthesis, ambisonics and other state of the art audio formats.
Monolake Live Surround is a deliberately non-visual performance. It is not about watching something, it is also not about observing a performer on a stage, it is about getting lost and carried away by sound.

“If surround sound is to become more present in clubs (…) then Monolake’s music hints at a style native to the medium, a strange new zone where the brainy and the bodily meet.”
Angus Finlayson, Resident Advisor.

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Festival Forte 2018 Montemor-o-Velho Castle Portugal

Festival Forte by Beatport

Beatport has released a compilation featuring artists that will play at Festival Forte 2018. A glimpse of what to expect during four days of sonic acts in the Castle of Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal.


Festival Forte | Un vistazo al futuro dentro de las paredes de un castillo medieval

El Festival Forte es una experiencia dedicada a la música electrónica completamente única que nace de la combinación del talento artistas innovadores y nuevas propuestas visuales

loose lips

Festival Forte, Portugal – Aug 28-Sep 2 2018: Event Preview

Set in a medieval castle in the town of Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal, from August 30 to September 2, Festival Forte 2018 is set to be strong-armed, with a host of heavyweight artists and cutting-edge performers set to patrol the ramparts over the four-day event


Le festival le plus mystique du Portugal annonce un line up techno terrassant

C’est derrière la brume du matin qu’on aperçoit le château de Montemor O Velho, faisant entendre les basses jusqu’à 9 heures du matin dans les alentours. Le festival surpuissant de la fin d’août vient de nous annoncer la deuxième salve du line up, et on salive déjà.

robert henke

Interview: Robert Henke (Monolake)

The iconic Robert Henke and his abilities to surprise his audience with innovative creations are still ongoing since the late ‘80s. Henke was born in 1969 in the city of Munich and is better known as a composer, installation artist and software developer now based in Berlin.


Une forteresse majestuese accueille les barons de la techno au Festival Forte

Quelque part entre Lisbonne et Porto, le festival Forte pose chaque année ses kilos de sons dans la cour d’un château, juché sur les hauteurs de Monte-o-Velho, un village médiéval. Le cadre pourrait se suffire à lui-même mais le Forte (30 août - 2 septembre) propose aussi une programmation pointue, ostensiblement techno.


Festival Forte auf Schloss Montemor-o-Velho in Portugal

Festival Forte feiert dieses Jahr „Fünfjähriges“ und hat gerade die erste Phase des Line-Ups veröffentlicht. Vom 30.08.2018 bis zum 02.09.2018 verwandelt sich das Schloss Montemor-O-Velho in Portugal wieder einmal in eine Festival Location der ganz besonderen Art.

crowd festival forte

Festival Forte presenta sus primeros artistas

Tras las dudas que surgieron sobre su celebración hace unos meses, cuando la promotora de Forte anunciaba una campaña de captación de fondos para que se pudiera llevar a cabo una nueva edición del festival portugués, ya tenemos con nosotros la primera tanda de artistas confirmados de su edición de 2018.


Festival FORTE quer revisitar passado e projetar futuro da música eletrónica

A quinta edição do festival FORTE, que se realiza de 30 de agosto a 02 de setembro em Montemor-o-Velho, aposta numa programação que revisita o passado e projeta o futuro da música eletrónica, anunciou hoje a organização.