The legendary Drew McDowall, who was an active full time member of COIL in the nineties, having produced albums that marked a generation such as Time Machines and Musick to Play in the Dark will team up with visual artist Florence To, known for her sound and light installations with generative motion graphics and light productions focusing on architectural spatial design. Together, they will present for the first time ever the “Time Machine 2018 Live A/V” show. Patterns of fibrous metallic waveforms and reverberated percussions that are pulled and spun around the spectrum defined by Drew’s musical hardware combine with the visual framework of Florence To.

“4 Tones to facilitate travel through time.” – Temporal slips in time and space, allowing both the artist and audience to figuratively ‘dissolve time’.

In the intromission theories it was supposed that objects emitted minute images or replicas of the themselves, called “eidola” or else it was supposed that the surface of objects detached itself like the skins of molting snakes or insects into films called “simulacra” (also meaning in the sense of artificial life forms), which entered into the eye. Bearing the imprint of the original objects like an impression in wax, the eidola or simulacra evoked the perception of these objects.

The simulacra were very different from the light rays or photons that physicists know today, because they had the property that they were capable of informing the mind about the nature of the objects they came from. No one had the idea that an “image” might be formed by reuniting the rays emanating in all directions from every point of an object. And if they had had such an idea, they would have rejected it immediately, since if the image was two-dimensional, how could it give the information about volume that vision provided.

Translating the idea of minute images by creating audio reactive textures (working with the low frequencies) to slowly reveal or flash what may be an image underneath the granular textures. Using granular noise and defined lines that slowly build up, into an architecture pattern – from noise extruding gradually in the beginning building up into a pattern, paying attention to scale to work with darkness and also compliment the light design.



Festival Forte | Un vistazo al futuro dentro de las paredes de un castillo medieval

El Festival Forte es una experiencia dedicada a la música electrónica completamente única que nace de la combinación del talento artistas innovadores y nuevas propuestas visuales

florence to

Le Festival Forte confirme son statut de place forte de la Techno au Portugal !

Fort d’une nouvelle programmation 2018 plus alléchante que jamais, le festival Forte revient cet été avec de nouvelles idées en tête pour ainsi confirmer son statut de candidat au meilleur festival techno du Portugal. Explications.


Festival FORTE recebe a estreia mundial de espectáculo de Drew McDowall com Florence To

Pantha Du Prince, Helena Hauff, Mumdance e Oscar Mulero são alguns dos nomes que já estão confirmados, mas o grande destaque vai para a estreia mundial de Time Machines


Drew McDowall + Florence To “Time Machines Live AV 2018”

World Premiere of the Time Machines 2018 live a/v show at Festival Forte. The legendary Drew McDowall, who was an active full time member of COIL in the nineties, having produced albums that marked a generation such as Time Machines and Musick to Play in the Dark will team up with visual artist Florence To

Drew McDowall

An Interview with Drew McDowall at Berlin Atonal

Drew McDowall, a former member of legendary Coil, will team up with visual artist Florence To to to make the worldwide premier of "Time Machines" live a/v 2018 at Festival Forte. Check out his interview where he speaks about this collaboration!

time machines coil

Coil’s legendary, hallucinogen-inspired Time Machines gets vinyl reissue

Starting with demos originally recorded by member Drew McDowall, the trio also found inspiration from ceremonial Tibetan music with founding member John Balance once describing the album as creating “temporal slips” in time and space.


Festival Forte closes lineup for its 5th edition

Festival Forte is back for its 5th edition that it will take place from August 30th until September 2th 2018 in the Castle of Montemor-O-Velho in Portugal. A new culture has created, defining a very restricted audience which are very dedicated and interested in what the Festival has to offer


Festival Forte 2018 | New artists and daily line up

Festival Forte’s team transcends itself and embraces the challenge of making each edition more spectacular. The public expects it and deserves it. The artistic choices stand up to this challenge and for the 2018 edition

mas nombres festival forte

Festival Forte desvela más artistas

El portugués Forte Festival ha dado a conocer hoy nuevos artistas de su próxima edición y además ha desvelado su cartel por días a la vez que se ponen a la venta las entradas de día.