Concept: Parts of Everyday Nature

Life is a perfect imperfection of occasionally composed melodies. Sounds raw, dirty, naturally polished by the current of everyday nature. Noises with meaning, sounds with feelings, natural rhythms, melodies of life. the mission is to find yourself with this expression, to become attached to you and become more sensitive, attentive and become part of your daily nature.


João Luís Gonçalves Simões, born in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, expresses through the production of electronic music since an early age, collecting references from different areas. Reveal’s an an abstract imagery taken from the techno plot suggested by sounds that intrigue winding paths. At the studio he is dedicated to unite dynamics of black spectra, distant and dense tones. Switches intense melodies broken by powerful forces that develop in enigmatic and seductive environments.
He´s resident at Festival Forte since 2015, played in some of the best clubs in Portugal, for example: Lux Frágil, Gare, Companhia Club.
Debuts on Soniculture in April 2015 with the EP PARADOX and a remix for the Volta Forte (Festival Forte Special Edition), alongside Vatican Shadow and NX1.
In 2016 & 2017, released his second and third Ep on Soniculture, Mental Issues & Illusion. They both had a big support from well know names like: Ben Klock, Len Faki, Blawan, Marco Bailley, Dorian Gray, Kobosil, Shlomo and so many others who played some of the tracks. Also, in 2017, Apart released an original track on Faut Section (upcoming label from Lewis Fautzi), a remix for Festival Forte Special Edition, alongside Expander and VIL, and a original track on Warok Compilation


Lives and works in Lisbon. Founder of Almosthere Collective, Amnesiac (aka João Aguiar) as visual artist his work is mainly based upon on representation of space environments and reality experimentalism. Taking inspiration from physics and nature his projects provide balance from the light texture and simple shape to cataclysmic dark spaces. Has created custom visual live performances for orchestra, dance acts, videos, and earned a reputation on video mapping, creating immersive live performances and installations.