For several years, Voiski has struck a singular path in techno music, oscillating between experimental projects and the production of tracks marked by his signature style. Within the large spectrum of his interventions, Voiski stands out for the rigor of his infinitely repetitive loops. These, combined with acerbic drum beats, construct an analogue excitation that carries his music to the heart of futurist and sentimental layers. His proximity to the intriguing electrodance duo Kartei and co-direction of experimental label Silicate Musique point to his authentic engagement, which reconciles the demands of dance floor techno with the construction of an introspective vision.

An insatiable producer, he has already put out several releases that are still resonating both in Europe and the United States. His work can be found on several labels including Construct Re-form (Paris), Wt Records and L.I.E.S. (New York).


the empire line

Festival Forte anuncia segunda vaga de confirmações

Impossível não destacar a estreia do trio de techno industrial mais impetuoso de agora, The Empire Line. Incialmente composto por Christian Stadsgaard e Jonas Rönnberg, o então duo extendeu-se a mais um membro, Isak Hansen, que auxilia na componente vocal.

the partae

Festival Forte unveils new additions to its 2019 line up

Festival Forte is back for its 6th installment this. Merging past perspectives with futuristic innovation, the festival is an unbridled celebration of both electronic music and the visual arts

jonas kopp festival forte

Jonas Kopp e Antigone confirmados no festival Forte

O argentino Jonas Kopp e os franceses Antigone e Shlømo são algumas das novidades confirmadas para o Festival Forte, que vai decorrer de 22 a 25 de agosto, em Montemor-o-Velho.