Out of the ever-prolific Scandinavia’s electronic scene comes The Empire Line, a trio of Jonas Rönnberg – best known for his Varg project, and as one half of the Northern Electronics label, Christian Stadsgaard – one half of the Danish duo Damien Dubrovnik and co-founder of Posh Isolation, and noise artist Isak Hansen, whose Iron Sight project releasing on Moral Defeat and Total Black. Three members embodies their own distinctive background in electronic music, and The Empire Line is united in an ambition of mixing contemporary dance music with the catharsis of punk rock.

The Empire Line’s debut EP ‘Syndicat de la Couture’ came out on Shifted’s Avian imprint, and the trio’s forthcoming LP is due out in early 2018 on Northern electronics.

The live of The Empire Line is known for its intensity having left dance floors around Europe in a state of absolute rave ecstasy.