Montemor-o-Velho in the 90’s. The rave scene just landed in Portugal and brought with it the sonorities from Detroit. At the time, those unusual sounds marked the rhythm and the castle served as an hedonistic temple for thousands of dancing bodies, eager for new experiences around a musicality based on technology and with a futuristic tone. Ricardo was there, allowing himself to be snatched by this cult.

Taking with him this pulsar, he moves to England, under an Erasmus program, and engages with the local vibrant electronic culture. There he deepened a curiosity that had taken him from free jazz to indietronica.

When he returned to Portugal, he did not found the same alternatives that he had in England so he began to contribute to emerge a community that shares the same musical values.

He then begins his journey that continues until today, exploring techno and focusing on its most ambient, deep and hypnotic aspects, renouncing charts or trends. All this influence is reflected in his dj sets: authentic voyages of discovery without destination traced and where each piece is meticulously embedded as if it were a puzzle.