The biggest challenge a musician or producer of any musical type or style has to face, whether they like it or not, is to see whether their work can create a path that other artists will follow or lay the foundation for the work of other artists. Juan Rico, the Asturian known within the scene as REEKO, is well aware of this.
Born in Oviedo (Asturias) in 1981, Reeko is a dj who has rapidly attained the recognition other artists have taken a long time to gain. In his case it’s not been a matter of chance or coincidence, but the result of his innate and incredible capacity to be prolific, alongside his obsession for perfection. He marks is his birth as a dj about 1997, but it wasn’t until his first release in 2002 under the Swedish label Emergence that he became known professionally.
There is no need to name all the aliases that Juan Rico has used to release the diverse artistic sensations which flow from him, but these are characteristic which define his personality and are a part of REEKO himself. Producing and performing under different names allows him to concentrate fully on each individual event by devoting himself completely to an idea or style to which he is totally faithful, putting aside for a moment sounds and influences that don’t belong in the particular character which he is mutating into at the time.
The result is a knock out. Under the name of REEKO he has released huge techno productions which have charted and been played by the best djs in the world, right from the first tracks and EPs for labels as reputable as Theory, Main out, Integrale Muzique, Deafmosaic, Inceptive, Rxxistance, Trece Records, Symbolism, Planet Rhythm, Warm up or Palicavonzvreca.
Reeko created Mental Disorder, his “pathological” label/laboratory, in 2003 under which he has released 12 works of ever increasing quality. The latest (The Day After, 2010) received a wonderfully warm welcome as one of the best releases in Hispanic Techno of the year. Artists such as Gennaro le fosse, Pacou, Oscar Mulero have collaborated with his very personal label.
Next came the label Evidence in 2005, where he opens up to his passion for the darkest and sickest part of the human mind. He looks deep within the human psyche where most of us would never go or dare explore. That is where the laconic, aggressive and totally sweeping sound that characterises him stems from. Reputable artists who have published with Evidence are Function, Paul Bailey and Trolley Route, to name a few.

He has received great praise for his collaborations with the Humano project and the Belgian label MusicMan, home of the purest of European techno. During this last decade, his most outstanding performances have been in Awakenings and Monegros 2005, Aquasella, Tresor and his Brazil tour of 2008.
The story so far reaches a climax when Reeko joins the cream of techno: the PoleGroup, formed in 2008. On the frontline of this group is Oscar Mulero, indisputable leader of the darkest Iberian techno, joined by the Asturian duo Exium and the surprising and experienced Christian Wünsch. The most recent addition to this team is Architectural, someone who will give us lots and lots to talk about.


Madrid-Berlin based, Psyk (Manuel Anós), is a solid staple of the current techno scene and doesn’t seem to have gone off course since his precocious artistic ascension.

His sets in the best clubs all over the world (Fabric, Berghain, Fuse, DeSchool, Concrete…) have helped crystallize his DJ talents making him one of the most requested DJs on the circuit and an influent figure in a whole generation.
Psyk’s singularity and maturity are constantly present in his music. The versatility who characterizes his sets are also shown in his productions, from Arcade´s entraining feverish techno (Top on the RA list during months) or his remix for Planetary Assault System´s track Twelve to darker and deeper cuts like Lowdown for Tresor or his Fall From Grace for Semantica.
In 2014 his widely acclaimed debut album Time Foundation is released on Luke Slater’s Mote Evolver imprint and in 2016 he releases the first record ever on the label of the mighty FUSE in Belgium.
Furthermore Manuel is regularly mentioned by the likes of Oscar Mulero and Robert Hood as one of the most interesting producers in recent years.

Like a conscientious artisan, Psyk approaches his compositions with care, adding somber power and energy through subtle touches, a process which has made him the subject of constant praise from illustrious artistic figures, be it through his offerings under the patronage of emblematic figures like Luke Slater, Len Faki, DVS1 stronghold labels Semantica and Tresor or even through his own label Non Series under his Maan alter-ego. Since its inception in 2011, Non Series has released collaborations by strings of prominent artists, from Silent Servant to Architectural, Chevel, Marcel Dettmann, Mark Broom, Function and Tadeo and has established itself as a reference in the Techno scene.

By developing, refining and purifying his sets, Psyk is focusing all his efforts on the concretization of the ideas that agitate his mind.



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