LUXOR is a live machine duo composed by french producer and DJ Antigone & Shlømo and occasionally followed by french designer Malo lacroix as an A/V live.
Conducting with instinct and synchronisation, the duo brings us through a grim tunel where drum penetrate the space like spears of light would pierce the clouds. A brutal structure is shaped as monolithic melodies creats a mantra combined with howling white noise and dis- torsion.
When taking shapes as an A/V live, Malo developed an specific aesthetic dedicating to ad- venturous light exploration and her chromatic input. Visual composition is made only with film shooted whith a camera where mass melts in fusion with colors, textures and remi- niscent lights. Combining ghost of light, mineral and metalic material the outcome is an unanswered question of what is real. The whole experience finaly takes shape as a thunde- ring appeaence where performer’s outline on stage are mistreated by strobing shape of colors and texture. Was it a mirage or a mythic appearence ?
Question remains open.


antigone against the clock

Antigone – Against The Clock

The Concrete resident Antigone, , aka Antonin Jeanson pillar of the French techno community, crafts a woozy drum ‘n’ bass earworm in just 10 minutes.

the empire line

Festival Forte anuncia segunda vaga de confirmações

Impossível não destacar a estreia do trio de techno industrial mais impetuoso de agora, The Empire Line. Incialmente composto por Christian Stadsgaard e Jonas Rönnberg, o então duo extendeu-se a mais um membro, Isak Hansen, que auxilia na componente vocal.

the partae

Festival Forte unveils new additions to its 2019 line up

Festival Forte is back for its 6th installment this. Merging past perspectives with futuristic innovation, the festival is an unbridled celebration of both electronic music and the visual arts

jonas kopp festival forte

Jonas Kopp e Antigone confirmados no festival Forte

O argentino Jonas Kopp e os franceses Antigone e Shlømo são algumas das novidades confirmadas para o Festival Forte, que vai decorrer de 22 a 25 de agosto, em Montemor-o-Velho.