David Rodrigues and Gil Mac are Hedonic 2, a duo that has been exploring the old combination of Dj and Mc since the turn of the century. The project explores the shadowy realms of techno, electro and industrial music and is nothing short of explosive, as their performance at Festival Forte in 2018 revealed.

Right there and then, they raised eyebrows and unexpectedly became one of the highlights of the event. David’s supernatural ability to find and mix records that make stone walls disintegrate and Gil’s infectious free association caused sensation and the two are now back to their golden era in full force.

David and Gil are two active members of the artistic community to which they contribute with several side projects, such as the music performace project Lucifer’s Ensemble and the brand Whatever Trademark™ where Gil explores with an acidic eye and tongue-in-cheek remarks, and David’s persistent work as a promoter, radio host and Dj.

The Hedonic 2 project is the result of the individual endeavours of the pair and their past as integral acts of the influential Soniculture and Cosanostra parties seems to be enjoying a well deserved comeback


hedonic 2 kaos

Kaos London with Hedonic2 – 11th May 2019

KAOS London invited Hedonic2 for their Rinse FM radio residency. Check it out on soundcloud. Catch their UK debut at Kaos presents Broken English Club + Hedonic2 on Saturday 25 May

the partae

Festival Forte unveils new additions to its 2019 line up

Festival Forte is back for its 6th installment this. Merging past perspectives with futuristic innovation, the festival is an unbridled celebration of both electronic music and the visual arts