Oscar Mulero will be back on Token next month with a new double-vinyl EP called Electric Shades.

The seasoned Spanish techno producer crafted 12 tracks spread over two pieces of wax (it’ll come on digital formats as well). We’re told Electric Shades combines some “sci-fi theatrics” and home-listening fare with the sort of gritty, DJ-friendly material that has long been Mulero’s calling card.

It’ll be his third solo release on Token, continuing a connection that dates back to 2008. Kr!z’s label has also put out two records from Spherical Coordinates, AKA Mulero and Christian Wunsch.

Mulero is already having a busy year—his moves so far in 2018 include records from a new collaboration with Exium and Reeko on his own PoleGroup label, and both an LP (his fifth) and an EP on Svreca’s Semantica imprint.