FOUR FOUR | March 28,2018 | EN

If you’re into techno and electronic music and you don’t know who exactly I Hate Models is then you’re not alone. No one does.
We all know his sound; massive kick drums and melodies that could each serve as closing anthems at any given festival stage around the globe. For once in today’s musical environment, we know more about the artist’s sound than we do about them.

After having previously denied all contact with the press, the artist who has most recently released a 9 minute, symphonic track on Rave or Die, gave us his blessing to answer our questions; the only catch being that he wasn’t to be quoted directly. Thankfully the backstage at DSNT’s 6th birthday party allowed us to speak with the in demand Frenchman face to face, and finally shed some light on some of the more dubious aspects surrounding his trail blazing career so far.

We manage to find a chair that we can drag into the hall alongside the greenroom, he takes the seat, visibly exhausted as he always is once his set come to an end. The energy that fills the room during the Monnom Black signee’s DJ sets is second to none, overwhelming absolutely everyone, including the man behind the decks. He cracks open a bottle of water and what looks like an interrogation begins.