Khemia Bandcamp | Jun 22,2018 | EN

Midnight Cults, the eagerly awaited sequel to last years Cyanure Dance features two epic new tracks from I Hate Models with vocal contributions from Zanias and a sleek wave remix from DJ Varsovie.

On the solar side the odyssey begins. It Will Last Forever discharges a barrage of devastating, tensile beats over a swell of ethereal synths recalling the sirens – muses of the underworld, luring sailors to their deaths in a flurry of aggravated arpeggios.

On the lunar side Walpurgis Night opens with a pristine, glacial sonic field, punctuated by the ricochet of beaten metal and drenched in the supernal, disembodied voice of Zanias, echoing across vast fissures, pummelling through deep ravines and back out into space.

DJ Varsovie completes the journey with his sensual take on Walpurgis Night, tempering the original with an insistent pitch black funk and somnambulant new wave vocals.

Artwork courtesy of Mustafa Sabbagh