For 2017 Festival Forte opens its gardens and collides in breathtaking sequence, presenting to you a world of complex patterns, produced by simple rules, giving life to strange and unpredictable behaviour. For 2017 we celebrate the world of ‘Cellular Automata’ where science merges with art and art becomes science.

As in our own lives, Cellular Automata outcomes are not predictable. We start in a simple unknown state and through multiple cycles we become something that we can never predict. At Festival Forte life reflects this beautiful chaos. We are the explorers, the place-makers, the creative, culture engineers, driven by a desire to fill the void left by an over-saturated world of normalization, fusing music, art, nature and code and we invite you on this incredible journey into the unknown, driven by forces unrelated, unattached and unpredictable. Let the music and art lead you to explore possibilities never before foreseen.

Prepare for the possibility of surprise and the unexpected, where all elements fuse into magic other worldliness. Here the natural chaos rules! Sending you off in another direction that you could never see, sometimes never imagine. With Cellular Automata some decisions spawn affects that are simple and are unrelated to the whole, some are highly integrated and interwoven to other parts in a very complex fashion, every cell plays a role in creating the next generation. Enabling glimpses of the past and foundations for the present. The present determines the future the rest is up to you.

Step inside the micro, fluctuate between the binary, let the automata move you into spatially extended visual systems. Let the artworks fuel your imagination and guide you on trips into the depths of the unknown into the galaxies of the generative Forte universe, let the Forte take you over!

Open your ears and eyes to the sonic and visual landscapes that will play host to Festival Forte 2017. The year artworks of epic proportions come to you from



Jaygo Bloom is the talent behind GABBA.TV. Resident VJ for Luke Slaters Planetary Assault Systems and regular collaborator with Festival FORTE.

Jaygo has a profile that spans performance and media art at an international level, creating digital encounters that blur the boundaries of the analog and the digital and that utilise networks, colourfields, mapped constructions, video synthesis, intrusive entertainments and banging digital AV performance.



Malo Lacroix is a visual artist who works with light, fixe and moving picture.

He creates and directs audiovisual works belonging to film realm, performance and installation. Using an audio language that is both reactive and instinctive, the rendering focuses on creating places, objects and matters that cannot be identified. He only works on his own video works, Malo develops shape, space related to musical context and shows as much doubt, emotion as discomfort. His images are concerned with memory, light form, unknown and going from abstract to figurative.

Past experiences includes AV performance with Fernando Corona as Murcof. Commissioned motion for Antwerp based artist Yves De Mey, Russian experimental techno artist Dasha Rush, adventurous club music event Haste in Lyon. He’s now operating through Europe at concert and club night like De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam), Kitkatklub (Berlin) Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris) Docks des Suds (Marseilles), workshops and performance with Mirage Festival, Nuits Sonores and AADN in Lyon.

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